Title: The Oatmeal Is Cold

A 12 year old boy who had never spoken a word since he was born,

was taken by his frightened parents from expert to expert

to try to find out the cause of his not speaking.

They took him to pediatricians, Ear nose and throat docs, Speech therapists, psychologists, linguistic therapists,

but no one could get the boy to speak.

One day, he came downstairs from his bed room

sat down at the kitchen table,

put a spoonful of his oatmeal in his mouth,

picked up the oatmeal bowl,

turned it over and slammed it down on the table and said:

“The oatmeal is cold!”

The mother was overjoyed and tearfully said:

“Son, you spoke! you spoke! …

Why did you just now speak for the First Time?”

The boy said:

“Nothing was ever Wrong until Now.”

Robert Jorrie
Taught me by Sam Jorrie