Time and Timing

Tide Taken at the Flood

There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, Leads on to Fortune. Omitted, All the voyages of our lives, Are bound in shallows and misery. On such a sea, Are we now afloat And we must take the current where it serves, Else lose our Venture. Brutus to Cassius, […]

There IS Enough Time

Each of us has a fixed amount of time granted us at birth … and each of us will use up that entire allotment before we die. While we can’t create any more time, WE CAN IMPROVE OUR USE OF THE TIME ALLOTED TO US, which ACTS LIKE WE MADE MORE TIME. Your time belongs […]

On Squandering Time

Dost thou Love Life? Then do not squander Time, for that’s the stuff Life is made of.  Benjamin Franklin Poor Richard’s Almanac June, 1746

Flood Tide

When, through some ebbing Tide of Circumstance, Your Life seems parched and barren, like the sand; This is your Assurance, if you Stand; That soon a Tide of Blessings ensue. Life’s sea has Depths of Good beyond your Knowing Which Rise and Fall through Life’s Unmeasured Power. And what may now appear an Arid Hour, […]

Being Late Is Stealing Time

People who run late, tend to see this as a minor fault, explaining, “Yes, I am often late. It’s not a good thing.” Yet when you ask the victims of other people’s tardiness their feelings about such habits, you will learn that the offense is rarely viewed as trivial: “He thinks he’s so much more […]