Wisdom of Lombardi and Simon

with wise omments by A.L. “Al” Simon in italics 1. Control the Ball 1.1. Know your Product … your Company … yourself 1.2. Have Confidence 1.3. Control the Direction of the Negotiation 1.4. Know how to Open the Negotiation; then Lead it, … diplomatically,… but You lead it. 2. Make that 2nd Effort 2.1. Make […]

A Little More Grace

A little more Grace, a Motive made Pure, a few Truths Tenderly Told, a Heart Softened, a Character Subdued, a Life Consecrated, Would Restore the Right Action of the Mental Mechanism, and Make Manifest the movement of Body and Soul in Accord with God. source: Lucille Malcolm Orr, via Dut Marx, a Christian Scientist Practitioner, […]