Worship and Praise

If you believe that God is “all powerful” and “all knowing” and independent of man then its pretty hard to believe that God appreciates our worship or praise … even as a gesture of respect and devotion … for if he is truly all knowing, then he knows the silent feelings in our hearts … […]

Prayer of St. Francis

Lord, Make me an Instrument of Thy Peace, Where there is Hatred, let me Sow Love; Where there is Injury, Pardon; Where there is Doubt, Faith; Where there is Despair, Hope; Where there is Darkness, Light; Where there is Sadness, Joy. O Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much seek to be Consoled […]

My View of God

Since the very beginning of his Existence, Man attributed the things that he saw, but could not understand to a number of gods. These gods, he supposed, ruled certain areas in the relations with men. For example, if a man needed food, he prayed to the god of the hunt to be “good” to him […]


My God, the Soul you gave me is pure You Created it, You Sculpted it, You Breathed it inside me, You Protect it. At some Future time You will draw it forth from me and give it back in the World to come. But all the time it remains in me. I shall give You […]

About Me and Organized Religion

Rabbis or Leaders of other Faiths concerned with being able to attract the Congregation With drawing crowds of “Customers” Who say they are acting in the name of God … or Humanity … or Righteousness Infuse their personal opinions, And infer theological “correctness” of those Opinions by their delivering them to the Congregation. Members caught […]