Title: A Real Sex Problem

One day, the Sales Manager of a large Department store was walking through the sales area of the Lamp Department,

where it was the duty of each salesman to keep certain assigned areas of the Lamp Department “straight and ready to sell.”

When he asked salesman Jones why the lamps in his assigned area were not “straight a and ready to sell”, Jones replied:

“Go screw yourself.”

The Sales Manager retorted indignantly :

“You can’t talk to me like that, I’m the Sales Manager.”

Whereupon Jones replied again

“Go screw yourself.”

So the Sales Manager went to the Vice President in Charge of Sales to report the problem … and the VP said:

“Tell him the Vice President in Charge of Sales wants to see him.”

The Sales Manager went out and came back to the Vice President who said:

“Well, what did he say?”

The Sales Manager replied:

“He told me to go screw myself and to piss on you,”

“Fire him !” said the Vice President,

and as the Sales Manager reached the door to leave, the Vice President yelled:

“Wait ! Before you fire him,

we’d better look at his sales for last year.”

Together they looked at Jones’ sales and discovered that, of the 11 Salesmen
on the floor last year,

that Jones had delivered 67% of the entire Department’s Sales!

The Vice President thought a moment and said:

“Well, I can take a bath,

but you Really have a Sex Problem!”

What this Means to Me:

When you perform good enough,

you can get just about anything you want.

Robert Jorrie,