Those Who Fail to Think

People who Fail to Think, Surrender Control of their own Self Destiny to the Words, Cliches, Thoughts and Actions of Others. or in other words If you don’t think, others do it for you through their “palaver” and their motives may not be good for you. Robert Jorrie 8/90

Mind Is the Master

“Mind is the Master that Molds and Makes, and Man is Mind, and evermore he takes, the Tool of Thought and shaping what he Wills, brings forth a Thousand Joys … a Thousand Ills. He Thinks in Secret and it Comes to Pass. Environment is but his Looking Glass.”  James Allen

The Mature Thinking Mind

The Mature, Thinking Mind is adjusted to Uncertainty. Knows he does not “Know All” about anything. Knows the only kind of Security is derived from Infinite Flexibility of Mind, Unending Re-Orientation. Author Unknown, but if you who wrote it, please tell Bobby