Jokes that Teach

Who’s Minding the Store?

An old Jewish man was dying and asked his wife, Sarah, to call his children to his death bed so that he could see them all one last time before he died. As each one entered the hospital room where he was, they walked up to his bed where he laid with his eyes closed […]

Where’s My Twenty Dollars?

One morning while a man was waiting for the 8 o’clock bus to arrive, a little man dressed up in a tuxedo and wearing spats silently walked up to the waiting man just before the bus arrived and handed him a $20 bill without saying a word, and then just walked away. The next morning […]

That’s What I’m Looking For!

An army private was walking around the army base picking up little pieces of trash paper and looking at them, mumbling “That’s not it!” and then throwing the little pieces back down on the ground. His sergeant told him to stop doing it “while on duty” and the soldier obeyed, but whenever he was “off […]

That’s Once!

In the late 50’s, Morris Edelstein told me this “true account” of how he married his wife Yetta … and why, throughout their long marriage of 50+ years, she was always so very careful not to rile him. In the old days the primitive road to Morris’ ranch was made of concrete poured into the […]

A Real Sex Problem

One day, the Sales Manager of a large Department store was walking through the sales area of the Lamp Department, where it was the duty of each salesman to keep certain assigned areas of the Lamp Department “straight and ready to sell.” When he asked salesman Jones why the lamps in his assigned area were […]