Title: Jump Son! Jump!

A man told his son that he wanted to begin to teach him about the Ways of Life and took the boy outside and put him up on the roof and told him to jump.

“Jump, son! Jump!” he told the little boy.

The little boy hesitated.

“Jump, son! Jump!” he told the boy.

“No, Daddy, I’m afraid!” the little boy said.

“Jump, son! Jump!” he repeated to the little boy.

“No Daddy, I’m afraid!”

“Son, don’t worry, I won’t let you fall … I’ll catch you! Go ahead and jump.

And with fear, the little boy launched into space and the father stepped back and let the little boy fall to the ground.

In anguish, the little boy said

“Daddy, you promised you’d catch me and you didn’t do it … you let me fall on the ground!”

That is the First Lesson of Life I want to teach you,” he said “Don’t Trust anyone, not even your own father!”

contributed by Sam Jorrie