The Pencil and Paper

As he explained it to me, following his divorce from Christine in the late 1960’s, Bob Sawtelle began an inquiry to try to discover the cause of his total inability to communicate with his first wife … which he said was the cause of his divorce. He later concluded that men and women speak entirely […]

Mystery Made Clear

I said: “I’m hungry … would you cook my supper? … I’d like chipped beef on toast.” She said: “OK, but would you like that … or would you like a hot dog? or BBQ’d chicken? or steak? or chinese? or something else?” My Masculinity having “Picked it’s Target”… and focused upon it … I […]

Masculinity and Femininity

With eternal gratitude to Bob Sawtelle, my Beloved Teacher   1. There seem to be 2 Types of Personality “components” in Homo Sapiens. 2. Both personality components are in each person, regardless of gender 2.1 If there is more Masculinity than Femininity in a male, we call that person a “Straight” Male. 2.2 If there […]