About Teaching

Why You Teach and Not Lecture

DEFINITIONS: Lecturing is when a speaker presents an idea with the Intent to Impose his Will to accept that idea upon the recipient Teaching is when a speaker offers and idea and leaves the decision of whether or not to adopt the idea to the Free Will of the recipient. GENERAL RULE: A Lesson is […]

When the Teacher Will Come

The Teacher will come when the Student is Ready. Robert Jorrie

When the Grades Are Bad

When the class’s grades are “Bad” it means that only 1 of 3 possible things happened:           1. The teacher didn’t teach, or           2. the test was “too hard,” or           3. you might have an aberrant class … but that is very Rare. Robert Jorrie

On Teaching

Teaching is the Ultimate Test           of the combination of Intelligence, Articulation, People Reading, Intuition and the desire for Excellence. Robert Jorrie

The Teacher’s Dilemma

I am a person who likes to help others. I have learned a lot in Life … much of it, the “Hard Way” … and when I observe something happening wherein I have experience and haved, “earned my way” to success through the path of prior failures, I often want to help others by suggesting […]