Politics and Organizations

The Secretary Game

The Executive Secretary’s of very important bosses of very large companies are highly paid to protect their bosses from matters the boss finds bothersome. So if you call for the CEO of a large Corporation, and his secretary does not know who you are, or if she does not know what you are calling about, […]

The Purposes of Politicians

Theoretically. the Purpose of Politicians is to reflect the composite Will of the People and to further the People’s Causes. It is certainly not to promote their own Values, Morals or Principals. In practice, however, they seek to further their own needs first, and thus, if the need to get re-elected, conflicts with “What is […]

Goals of Executive Directors

The Goal of most individuals that are Executive Directors of Associations and Trade Organizations is to perpetuate their own jobs, & it is not to promote their Organizations … as their First Priority. Robert Jorrie, 1992