Teenager’s Decision-Making

The Trouble with decisions made by Teenagers often Lies in the Fact that they see Themselves in the mirrors as “Adults”; but most of the previous experiences they have to lean on in the Decision Making Process are Juvenile experiences. Robert Jorrie, 1976

Taking Your Children to Jail

One Saturday evening, when my children were perhaps, between 10-13, one of my girls had a slumber party at our house, one Saturday night, which was the night of the Full Moon. At about 1:30 in the morning, when the party was in “full roar,” I piled all these “electric” children into my car and […]

A Successful Parent

A Succesful Parent Works Himself Out of a Job; An Unsuccessful Parent has a Child for All his Life Bill Hauser

Sophomore’s Disease

“If you think what you’re doing NOW is hard … just wait ‘til you get up here and find out what ‘hard’ really is.” EXAMPLE: Sophomores tell Freshmen: “Boy, if you think 9th grade is hard, just wait ‘til you get to the 10th grade.” And when they become Juniors, the same people tell the […]

Only Tell Them Once

One day in 1961, Julie was crawling across the den floor to the unscreened open fireplace. My grandmother, Gertrude Jorrie, exclaimed: “Bobby, she is going to crawl in the fire and get burned!” “If she does, grandmother,” I said “2 things will happen: 1. She’ll burn her finger and she’ll learn that when I tell […]