Decisions and Change

Thinking About It Is Worse Than Doing It

The Jorrie Furniture Company’s very first Employees was a man named Ray Tumlinson, and he had gone to work for my Grandfather, Reuben Jorrie about 1935. It was his first and only job in the workplace, and he was a wonderfully loyal and faithful Employee … but while he would try faithfully to do anything […]

Not to Decide is to Decide


About My Being Arrogant

One day in 1986, while Julie Jorrie and I were having a discussion on the problems we were having in marketing the Coliseum Rd Building, She and I got into a discussion on some real estate related topic, and Julie asked me jokingly: “Daddy, How come you are so Arrogant?” Realizing that she certainly was […]

Just Make More Decisions

One day while complaining about a bad decision I had made in business, my Dad overheard me discussing it with someone and called me into his office. When I explained that I had made a bad decision that had cost our Company money, he said : “Son, what percentage of decisions that you make, do […]

On Getting Things Done

If you want your Dreams to come True, don’t Oversleep. contributed by Melanie Colton