Business Lessons

How Some Employees View Fringe

My law firm once had an employee named Isabel who was repeatedly sick with many illnesses and also with “female” problems and she ultimately had to have a hysterectomy and her physician ordered to rest in bed for 6 weeks to recuperate. As Firm Manager, I became uncomfortable when we called her house to ask […]

Work Today While Not Hindered

Work Today, for you know not how much you may be hindered Tomorrow. Ben Franklin

Why You Must Plan Your Business

A business, left Unplanned exists only in Turmoil & Disarray. Lack of organization and uncoordinated activity causes much backtracking and retracing of paths, Distress, Unbusinesslike Discord, Bad Manners, and Team Disintegration. Valuable Talent is reshaped into harsh Master/Servant relationships, governed by fear and wasted instead of into relations between Leader and Followers and is destructive, […]

Why We Insist Upon Annual Increases in Rents

WHY WE INSIST UPON ANNUAL INCREASES IN RENTS 1. MINIMIZES DESTRUCTIVE TENANT “STICKER SHOCK” AT RENEWAL TIME If the Landlord does not increase the rents annually, then the rents the Landlord receives monthly at the end of the lease will be SUBSTANTIALLY BELOW the then Fair Market Value Rental Value of that building and thus, […]

Who Am I

I am the basis of all Wealth, the Heritage of the Wise, the Thrifty and Prudent. I am the Poor Man’s Joy and Comfort, the Rich Man’s Prize, the Right Hand of Capital, the Silent Partner of many Thousands of Successful Men. I am the Solace of the Widow, the Comfort of Old Age, the […]