Title: My Frustration


My Children are Almost All Grown …

I Want:

Time to visit with my children … before they fly away

To be able to afford to travel with them

and give them some (if only a small part of),

the Wonderful Travels I had

when I was much younger than they are Now

and if I do not do it Soon … it can Never Be.

Them to have comfortable quarters … with nice furniture.

Them to have a place to entertain their friends.


I am Ashamed:

To be the only member of the group that moved into my neighborhood who does not now live in a nice home.

That I have not earned enough money to live on in any one of the last 6 years.

I Want to give good times and nice things to my “want-nothing” bride.

Want to have enough to pay for our needs when we are old and tired.

Am afraid to be broke.

Have regressed from an “uppercrust life” to a “middle class” life and I do not like being forced to remain here.

Feel guilt when I divert money that could go to my debts, for a much needed vacation.

© Robert Jorrie August 7, 1978