Title: Genuine Caesar Salad

Genuine Caesar Salad

a Work of Art taught to RJ and Sam J by a Belgian Maitre’d Hotel named Armand in the Tropicana Hotel in 1968

Not the mild mannered, flavorless crap you get in a restaurant



Romaine lettuce


Parmesan Cheese



3-4 fingers peeled garlic

2 heaping T Hot Mustard (Mr. Mustard, Ty Ling or other Chinese Mustard works nicely)

1/2 lemon

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

1 egg

anchovie paste

pinch salt


Assembly Instructions

Split the garlic and rub over the inside of an unfinished wooden bowl (but a finished bowl will do if you don’t have an unfinished one)

mince the rest of the garlic into the bowl and add the lemon juice, salt, Worcesershire and a little less than 1/2 tube of anchovie paste stirring with a fork.

mix in the raw egg     (these days folks afraid of Salmonella coddle the egg first but short of raising the temperature high enough to actually cook the egg, I can’t see much help from that)

Taste … It should be very, very sharp in taste … If you think it is “too sharp” it is probably close to “right” The super strong flavor is greatly diminished when the greens are added.

Coat the inside of the bowl, add greens and toss well

Serve with REAL Parmesan Cheese and fresh crushed black pepper.


source: taught to Rj & Sam J by a Belgian chef named “Armand” at the Tropicana Hotel in the late 60’s