About this Book

My Frustration

MY FRUSTRATION My Children are Almost All Grown … I Want: Time to visit with my children … before they fly away To be able to afford to travel with them and give them some (if only a small part of), the Wonderful Travels I had when I was much younger than they are Now […]


INTRODUCTION Dear Kids and Friends who read this: Perhaps you’ve wondered why I wrote this …   Mainly it’s because there are times when people go through periods when they don’t Learn a Lesson … even though it was Taught Well.   I’ve written these “Jewels of Wisdom” so that in case you didn’t learn […]

Dedication to my Children and Grandchildren

DEDICATION TO MY CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN Basic Truths Don’t Change much from Generation to Generation, and if you are Wise Enough, you may be able to Learn these Lessons I Paid Pain to Learn   Without Having to Pay for it the way I Did.   Thus, you and your Loved Ones may indeed “Stand […]

A Letter to my Children

A LETTER TO MY CHILDREN Port Aransas June 15, 1977 I’m sorry that I can never give you the material things my parents gave me when I was your age … a room of your own, some privacy, a financial legacy to start Life with. And while in many ways you’ve had a more understanding […]