Title: Sophomore’s Disease

“If you think what you’re doing NOW is hard …

just wait ‘til you get up here

and find out what ‘hard’ really is.


Sophomores tell Freshmen:

“Boy, if you think 9th grade is hard, just wait ‘til you get to the 10th grade.”

And when they become Juniors, the same people tell the new sophomores:

“Boy, if you think 10th grade is hard, just wait ‘til you get to the 11th grade”.


Those who are advanced beyond you in attainment or time, often make comments that do 2 things:

1. They give you partly false information with which you build an exaggerated fear of the next step which can prevent you from performing well if you “psych” yourself out; and

2. They express their own anxiety about their performance in their current task.

RULE: Don’t Listen to those who tell you “How Tough the Next Step is”
without taking it with a grain of salt.

Robert Jorrie,