Title: Only Tell Them Once

One day in 1961, Julie was crawling across the den floor to the unscreened open fireplace.

My grandmother, Gertrude Jorrie, exclaimed:

“Bobby, she is going to crawl in the fire and get burned!”

“If she does, grandmother,” I said “2 things will happen:

1. She’ll burn her finger and she’ll learn that when I tell her not to do something that I have a reason for it, and

2. She will learn that whenever I have something to say too her, that I will only tell her 1 time.”

What this Means to Me:

The purpose of parental communication with a child is to actually communicate something

and that communication can be accomplished by a single speaking …

Repetitious Warnings communicate NOTHING EXTRA.

In fact, Repetitious Warnings can actually be Destructive,

in that they train a child “not to respond” until a parent speaks multiple times.

Thus, I think it is wise to teach a child, (or people, in general)

that when you speak to them,

that you will only tell them “1 time.”

Thus, you teach them to “Pay Attention”

every time you speak.

Robert Jorrie,