Title: Why You Must Plan Your Business

A business, left Unplanned

exists only in Turmoil & Disarray.

Lack of organization and uncoordinated activity causes much backtracking and retracing of paths,

Distress, Unbusinesslike Discord,

Bad Manners, and Team Disintegration.

Valuable Talent is reshaped into harsh Master/Servant relationships, governed by fear and wasted

instead of into relations between Leader and Followers

and is destructive, not beneficial to the Company.

Unfocused Management “burns up” it’s Margin into Overhead,

& unnecessarily “Converts” what would have been Profits into the payment of “expenses” … merely to satisfy the Egos of Un-Enlightened Primadonnas.

Thus, the business then must pass up profitable business opportunities

because it isn’t pre-prepared to accept them …

either in its physical plant/staff preparedness

or in the “mind set” of its Management …

and when forced to decide,

Management believes that it can’t afford to take them,
and just passes Opportunity by.


Robert Jorrie,