Title: About the Need to Know

At one time or another, everyone to whom you confide will be put under pressure to disclose that information to another.

Without being paranoid and psychotic, I’ve discovered that the less “inside” information others know about you, other than necessary information, the less that “unnecessary” information can be used against you in some other time.


Therefore, unless someone needs to know one of the more private aspects of your private life in order to do something for you or accomplish some goal you have obtain …

Be careful not to tell them “too much.”


This is based upon the Method of Organization in which Military Intelligence organizations are set up.

In each case, people within certain support groups are allowed to know only as much information as is necessary for them to perform their function.

In this way, they can never accidentally expose the secret on a “careless slip of the lip” or by being careless or even by being tortured into disclosing it.

Robert Jorrie, 1992