Title: Kill the Tomb-Makers

In 1956, I saw a movie called “The Egyptian” in which I learned that when the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt would die and be entombed in the final resting places that thousands of workers had labored for years and years to build for them,

that the last thing that would happen as the funeral cortege left the pyramid, was that all the tombmakers which had labored so long and hard to build it,

would be sealed up alive inside and left to die along with the Pharaoh’s already dead body inside the pyramid.

The Idea was that since they were the people who knew “How the Pyramid was Built,”

they thus were also the people who knew “How and Where” to penetrate it to rob the tomb.

What I learned from this:

If you have to do things which you do not want publically known later, which you cannot accomplish without the help or knowlege of others,

then select people to help you

that will soon either leave town or die or change their names and be hard to find or otherwise be unable to later expose or use that information against you.

Robert Jorrie, 1991