Title: Understanding the Job Interview

1. The Job Interview is “a sale” in the true sense of the word, and it’s
EXCLUSIVE purpose is for you to show the interviewer that your employment will benefit him more than you cost him in money, effort, and being vouched for,

By definition, if you do not get the job, it is because someone else showed him “more benefit” than you did

2. You must stand out and show that you have more benefit to him than the other candidates

3. Your resume only gets you “in the door”

4. You cannot be “the solution to his problem” until you know what his problem is. Find out “his Problem” so you can become the solution.

5. Until you demonstrate that you can solve his problem, you are worthless to him.

6. Ask bright questions to demonstrate the benefit you can deliver

7. Never ask about fringe benefits until the end of the interview for it adds to your cost in his mind, and then do not make a big deal over it, but understand them thoroughly.

8. Don’t sit on the edge of the chair, or “death grip” the arms … sit back in the chair’s seat and be reasonably erect. Don’t lean all the way back against the seat back nor slouch in the chair.

9. Don’t let your shoulders “slump” like a whipped dog for it demostrates a lack of self esteem that translates, to him, that you may not have the solution to his problem.

10. Look him in the eye and don’t forget to smile, but do not do so flirtatiously.

11. Be neatly groomed & not “overly done-up.” Usually he doesn’t want folks “around,” that he is ashamed to have seen in his office.

Robert Jorrie