Title: The Function of College

A College Education is a most important thing.

Of course, one of its major features is that it is a “door opening” credential that will help you find a job better than you could get without it.

But its most important aspect is that no matter what discipline you study (other than art, music and education),

A College Education teaches you “How to Think.”

And that is the Most Important Aspect it Has,

for it Serves you all your Life.

Science and engineering are especially good training in the methods of thinking.

How I Think you should address attending College:

Try to learn to get as much out of it as you can

and make special effort to learn it in such a manner that you will remember as much of what you learn1 as you can …

and not just employ just enough memory to “get you past the exam.”

1 After all, you or your parents pay huge dollars to be taught it, so you may as well try to learn it in a manner that you can “keep” as much of the benefit as you can.

Robert Jorrie