Title: Masculinity and Femininity

With eternal gratitude to Bob Sawtelle,
my Beloved Teacher  

1. There seem to be 2 Types of Personality “components” in Homo Sapiens.

2. Both personality components are in each person, regardless of gender

2.1 If there is more Masculinity than Femininity in a male, we call that person a “Straight” Male.

2.2 If there is more Masculinity than Femininity in a female, and we call that person “Butch.”

2.3 If there is more Femininity than Masculinity in a female, and we call that person a “Straight” Female.

2.4 If there is more Femininity than Masculinity in a male, and we call that person “Gay.”

3. The 2 Personality Components can be likened to the 2 types of computers

3.1 Analog … follows an algorithm and seeks to solve the problem … says “Hit the Target!”

3.2 Digital compares constantly … it says  Select!, Select!

3.3 Examples of each:

3.2.1 How Masculinity shops:

Masculinity will go to the store with the proper products in the correct price range and walk down the rack and as it walks it will say “I want that one, that one and that one … call the tailor.”

3.2.2 How Femininity shops:

Femininity will go to the store with the proper products in the correct price range and walk up to the rack and compare each item like a blouse for example … to each similar blouse

“This one or that one?”… “This one or that one?” … “This one or that one?”

4. The High Degree of Sex Drive in male Homo Sapiens is much higher than is necessary for mere reproduction of the Species … What is this sex drive’s Function, then?

Possible Answer 

4.1 Neotyny’s Special Problems

4.1.1 Definition of Neotyny:

Homo Sapien is the one animal with a very, very long time from Birth to Self Sufficiency of the young … as much as 15-16 years.

While all other species become self sufficient very quickly after birth …

The mother of Homo Sapien’s young must remain “at home” to attend and protect the young

and hence the need for the young to remain near mother and fireside

and the immense need of the mother and young “pair”

for the hunting and foraging male to return to the fireside and want to share his food catch

4.2 Sex for Pleasure … Is this “why” he returns?

4.2.1 Notice that Homo Sapiens seems to be the only animal that has sex for pleasure … and “sex for mere pleasure” wastes a lot of energy …

which energy would ordinarily be better spent hunting for food

and which energy is suspiciously contrary to Nature’s usual focus on spending its precious energy on gathering food

unless there is some function of this unusual energy expenditure favoring procreation.

4.2.2 The reason seems to be that the pleasure of Homo Sapiens sex brings the Hunter back to “a” Femaleany Female … where she is located with the young.

4.3 Pair Bonding


That feeling of never being able to ever be without the bonded-to person … often misintrepreted as “True Love”


Pair bonding comes from sexual climax … IF followed by “cuddling.”

But sexual climax without “cuddling” first does not create a pair bond.

(Ex: Men don’t bond to prostitutes because they get up when they are finished)

And “cuddling” without sexual climax first, does not create a pair bond.

The Survival Value explains why the Homo Sapiens male always gets “sleepy” after sexual climax

he simply can’t help it, he is anthropologically “hormonally programmed” to do this to facilitate his being available for cuddling

and this device is designed to constantly re-bond him to that particular female.

Pair Bonding appears to “lock” the Male to a particular female (and thus lock his food gathering and sharing also to her young)

4.3.1 The Tournament Male … who after “winning” the female and being fiercely sexual in the winning process, no longer wants much sex after marriage.

5. Femininity Needs to Select … And must do it all the Time!

5.1 It’s her genetic “Program”

5.2 It’s what’s “Fun” to her

5.3 Her anthropological “mandate” is to constantly re-select
her man
her clothes

5.4 Masculinity simply doesn’t (and can’t) understand selecting … because being an analog type, he merely wants to Hit the Target!

Anything other than “hitting the target” seems to be a waste of time and effort to Masculinity.

Masculinity says:

“Why do you look at every colored blouse when you said you only needed a white one?

Why don’t you just buy the one you need and leave?”

6. Selecting is “how” Femininity gets the “Very Best” gene pool available


7. Femininity may view sexual promiscuity as its being “de-selected” … while Masculinity views it as “so what … it don’t mean nothing”

8. Femininity may view the presence of a mistress (as they are easily and openly tolerated in so very many European, Oriental, Mid Eastern and African societies … except for American) as being non-competitive and non-threatening so long as:

8.1 the “Selected Female” dominates and is in control of the gene pool breeding, (eg.; no youngren permitted with the mistress)

8.2 Discrete, so as to not bring societal disfavor upon her.

9. Femininity doesn’t “feel good” about itself unless the need to select is fulfilled …

Femininity MUST go into the presence of other men and

9.1 demonstrate that it has attractiveness to itself!

9.2. and to re-select her man! (See the Sawtelle text called The Paper and the Pencil in my book)

10. Failure to be re-selected for a while may cause the fulfillment of the “need for selecting” to be unsatisfying, cause deep dissatisfaction and ultimately destroy the relationship.

Robert Jorrie,
October 30, 1993
I am 54 today