Title: About Me and Organized Religion

Rabbis or Leaders of other Faiths concerned with being able to attract the Congregation

With drawing crowds of “Customers”

Who say they are acting in the name of God … or Humanity … or Righteousness

Infuse their personal opinions,

And infer theological “correctness” of those Opinions by their delivering them to the Congregation.

Members caught up in

Buildings, budgets, boards, and committees

Fund raising

Seemliness in front of other religious communities

Retirement plans

Local and international politics

Attend services that are about the same from evening to the following morning (but for a change in sermon)

Which are redundant because of Tradition or because the writer of the Service thinks we need reinforcing

Or because he hopes to get 2 different sets of “customers” … one in the A.M. … one in the P.M.

For me,

God seems to have Little To Do with what I know to be modern day Organized Religion of any Faith.

Robert Jorrie