Title: About My Being Arrogant

One day in 1986,

while Julie Jorrie and I were having a discussion on the problems we were having in marketing the Coliseum Rd Building,

She and I got into a discussion on some real estate related topic,

and Julie asked me jokingly:

“Daddy, How come you are so Arrogant?”

Realizing that she certainly was Correct,

I told her I needed a few days to think about that before I answered. In a few days, she came to my office again, and I replied:

“Julie, When I was 22 years old, I had 205 employees at Jorrie Furniture Company,

and all I did was Make Decisions all day long, … thousands and thousands of decisions,

and the only answer I can give you,

is that when you make thousands of decisions,

and most of them are correct,

then after a while,

you think you can’t make a mistake,

even when you make one!

Maybe that’s the source of my Arrogance.

Robert Jorrie,