Title: Why You Teach and Not Lecture


Lecturing is when a speaker presents an idea with the Intent to Impose his Will to accept that idea upon the recipient

Teaching is when a speaker offers and idea and leaves the decision of whether or not to adopt the idea to the Free Will of the recipient.


A Lesson is often Remembered …

but a Lecture is Almost Never remembered until repeated …

and then is usually remembered as having been a “Turn Off.”

When you Lecture:

1. You Prevent your own Lesson from having the opportunity to be learned …

and actually Encourage the Listener to Reject the Idea you wish them to have.

2. Lecturing trains them to be predisposed to Reject Everything you say
you actually “turn them off” every time they hear the lecturing tone of voice that goes with lecturing.

3. You build “Walls” between the Speaker and the Recipient which may prevent Communication … at future times when telling them something may be of Great Importance to them.

4. Your failure to learn how to properly deliver the idea … may Actually Deprive the Recipient of an information source they really need and want …

But When You Teach:

1. You Encourage the Recipient to Learn;

2. You Train him to Want to Listen to you;

3. He often Wants to be Near you.

Here’s Proof:

People who Lecture must deliver their Lectures Over and Over.

and the Recipients try to Escape Hearing.

People who teach usually only have to Teach a Lesson, Once,

and as soon as the Recipient realizes the Value of the Lessons that person often


Robert Jorrie