Fishing Plugs Catch Men Not Fish

In November 1963 (just before Kennedy was shot), Sam took a hunting and fishing lease in South Texas abutting then Governor’ Briscoes’... Read the rest

It’s All in How You Say It

A Catholic priest wrote a letter to his Bishop: Excellency, is it be permissible for me to smoke cigarettes while I pray?” And in a few... Read the rest

Los Promoten Mucho

“Los prometen mucho antes de la boda y Despues?” Translation : They talk a good game before you jump into... Read the rest

The Choice Between Two

One morning in 1965 a sales meeting was held at the Jorrie Furniture Company to teach our salesmen how to sell higher priced carpet instead... Read the rest

The Touch that Is Magic

And in those days, Behold, there came through the gates of the city, a salesman from afar off, and it came to pass, as the day went... Read the rest

Understanding What a Sale Is

DEFINITION OF A SALE: A Sale is that thing that Automatically happens when the Benefits to be obtained, as they are Perceived by the... Read the rest