Title: Valuing the Work of an Expert

One day the farmers wife called the pump repair man to ask him to come out to the farm and fix the farm’s water system.

As she stood in the window washing the mornings dishes, he drove up, got out of his pickup truck, waved at her through the window, strolled over and entered the pump house.

He looked at the pressure swithch on the side of the pressure tank for a moment, reached into his tool bag, removed a small brass hammer, tapped the switch gently on the side with the hammer,

and the pump began to run.

A day or so later, the farmer’s wife received a bill in the mail for $50.00.

Furious at such a large bill for so little work, she called him on the phone and angrily demanded that he send her an itemized bill,

which he quickly agreed to send.

In a few says, the farmer’s wife received a bill stating:


For Tapping On The Switch
For Knowing Where To Tap
Total Due Now

Author Unknown, contributed by Bobby’s friend Max Biermann