Title: Understanding Getting Organized

The Objective of Becoming Organized so as to become Efficient in your activities, just can’t be realized by the saving of very many, large increments of time in your daily life. There just aren’t enough opportunities to save very many, “really Big” increments of time.

Organization results from the disciplined expenditure of Large and Continuous Effort with the determined and deliberate intent to save many, many, very small increments of time in performing tasks that will be repeated over and over

… with the undertanding that saving those very small amounts of time is not, by itself, immediately gratifying.

Lazy or Undisciplined Thinkers and those that demand Immediate Gratification, actually believe that the expenditures of great effort required to organize themselves … when compared to the initially perceived small return of time and effort saved immediately, is “Just Not Worth The Effort”.

And because they are either

1.Lazy and/or Undisciplined, or

2. they just can’t view this Organizational Effort as an investment that will “Pay Off” for years to come,

they thus, choose to not invest that Time and Effort and seek more Immediate Gratification, elsewhere.

This Lack of Foresight and Lack of Discipline and/or Determination to improve their personal future

Condemns them to miserably repeating the same boring, time wasting “Piddle Tasks” in an Everlasting Whirlpool of the Lack of Permanent Accomplishment; and

Paying for the Same Ground Over and Over

for the remainder of their “Tread Mill”, harried lives,

instead of “using” those large blocks of time which result from saving those multitudinous small time increments,

to Enjoy their Lives and Spend Time
in Useful and Happy Activities.

Robert Jorrie, 1999
October 25, 1999