Title: Only Methods of Investing

1. Learn to Invest Yourself:

1.1 Your investment motives are perfect … there aren’t any conflicting money or priority interests of outsiders in which they serve themselves first instead of attending to your needs, first.

1.2 Requires big effort and time to learn the investment ropes

1.3 You don’t have to share rewards with others (good)

1.4 You don’t share risks (might be expensive if you’re wrong)

2. There Are 2 Ways to Hire Others to Invest for you:

2.1 Super Competent Financial Advisers:

2.1.1 They Are Hard to Find … there are never more than just a few truly competent ones around.

2.1.2 They Are Never around for very long … they will only do it for you for a percentage or fee until they make enough money to be able to afford to quit doing it for you for money … and become able to do it for themselves for 100% of the return …

then they quit and are gone!

2.2 Professional Advisers:

2.2.1 Stock brokers and Certified Financial Analysts and Financial Planners and Tax Shelter salesmen do it for compensation of one kind or another

and can’t ever earn or accumulate enough money for themselves to be able to afford to quit working for you for money.



2.2.2 Irrespective of their words to the contrary, they always take care of themselves, first (that is, they attend their own accounts first or try to sell you) to earn compensation

after that, they take care of their biggest clients, second …

and they take care of you, LAST.


3.1 Best Results accrue if you do it yourself … for yourself.

3.1.1 You may be personally unwilling to divert the necessary time and effort from other parts of your day to learn “the ropes”.

3.2 It is unrealistic to believe you can hire others to invest for you without also facing the reality that you will still take all the market risks other investors take

but you are never as likely to achieve as superior results as those who do it themselves for themselves … because others are never as motivated to do it “as right” for you as you are.

Thus, if you are Unwilling to do it yourself

then you must recognize

that you’re never going to obtain Superior Performance.

Robert Jorrie,