Title: On Getting Even

I don’t believe in personal Revenge or in “getting even” with someone when they do something “wrong” to me.

The Old Testament doesn’t describe how I feel and believe as well as I’d like … but the New Testament says:

“Revenge is Mine, saith the Lord.”

Note that it does not say that Revenge is “ours”

meaning that both God and I may take Revenge …

and I take that to mean that God does not permit us to share that “privelege” with him

I believe that Revenge is reserved to God’s Exclusive Domain.

I believe that if you “mind your own Business” and let God do “God’s business,” and that if you live your life “Right” all the time

and if you are a little bit lucky,

that sometimes God
will permit you to watch his Perfect Law of Retribution “in Action”

and you just might get to see the guy that “did it to you”

get “What Is Coming” to him.

But if you try to watch … or if you try to make it happen, then you are invading God’s province.

Robert Jorrie,