Title: Now Let Him Worry

bie and Becky were in bed and Abie, unable to sleep, was worriedly tossing and turning and rolling back and forth for hours.

In frustration, finally Becky sat straight up in bed and said:

“Abie, why can’t you sleep? What’s the matter with you?”

To which Abie replied:

“Do you know the $2000 I borrowed from Tsolly across the air shaft? Well, its due tomorrow and I can’t pay it!”

Becky got out of bed, walked across the room in the dark and threw open the window that opened on the airshaft that their apartment shared with the other tenants in the building.

“Tsolly!” she cried out in the dark.

“Tsolly, Wake Up! It’s me, Becky.”

After a few moments someone could be heard opening a window in the dark, and a groggy voice responded:

“Becky, is that you?”

Becky said:

“Yes, it’s me Tsolly, Do you remember the $2000 that my Abie owes you, that is due tomorrow?

Well, he can’t pay it!”

And as Becky got back in bed, Abie said to her:

“So, what’s all that about?”

Becky said: “Now you sleep, let him worry!”

What this Means to Me:

Sometimes when you can’t figure out what to do,

just put the Ball in the “Other Guy’s Court”

and let him worry about it.

Robert Jorrie,