Title: Living with People Who Lived Alone

People who have lived alone for a very long time enjoy the luxury of doing exactly what they want to do “every day” and without having to make any allowances for the needs of others.

And they recognize that if they ever live with another person,

they will have to learn to accommodate the needs of the other person

and they know that it will take some sacrifice of their own needs sometimes

and that it will take real effort.

As a Result,

When they then begin to live with someone, they will try very hard to be considerate and accommodating to the other person.

But if they overdo this compensatory accommodation,

they may later find out that they are trying “too hard” and in doing so, they are ignoring their own needs,

and that they then must stop being so considerate of the other person and do “more” of what they need to do “for themselves”

until they find out they just can’t reach a happy medium
or some happy compromise is reached between the 2 of them.

Robert Jorrie,
April 19, 1991