Title: Keeping People Honest

While standing in the hall of the offices of the Jorrie Furniture Co., at the Coliseum Rd. facility, one day in January 1969,

complaining to a pal about how I had relied upon another man to tell me the Truth

and how I had later discovered he had cheated me and the Company out of $19,000,

Sam Jorrie walked up behind me, overheard what I was saying and said:

Sam:                    “Son, do you play Poker?”

Me:           “Yes, Pop, I do.”

Sam:                    “Do you play for big stakes or little stakes?”

Me:           “No, no Dad … I only play for little stakes.”

Sam:                    “Do you play with Honest People or Crooked People?”

Me:           “Oh No, Daddy, I only play with Honest people.”

Sam:                    “Then tell me Why you always “Cut the Cards” before you let the Other Guy Deal!”


Sometimes it’s Better to Keep Honest People from becoming Dishonest

than to Rely on them to be Honest.

Robert Jorrie, 1975