Title: Just Ask ‘Em All!

Two men who had been business partners in the ladies garment business in New York decided to sell off their business and retire.

As they got ready to go their separate ways, Sol asked Abe:

“Well, Abie, what are you going to do with yourself
now that you’re retired ?”

Abe replied:

“Do you remember when we were in WWII we were stationed in San Antonio …

Well, I’m gonna sit in Travis Park in front of the St. Anthony Hotel

and just sit on a bench and feed the pigeons every day

and just “blow the cobwebs out of my mind” …

and you, Tsolly, what are you going to do ?”

to which Sol responded:

“I’m going to chase girls.”

Abe said:

“But Tsolly, your’re 65 years old, how you gonna chase girls ?”

and Sol answered:

“Look, Abie, Every day and every night for 35 years you and I were in that plant making ladies garments …

I never had time to even think about chasing girls …

now I have time, and I’m gonna chase ’em.”

So they split up and moved to San Antonio and each day Abie sat in the park and fed the pigeons,

and each day as the noon chimes rang out on the Church across the street,

Abe saw his former partner come out of one of the nearby office buildings

each day with a different woman … and head for the St. Anthony Hotel for a shack job.

One day it would be a gorgeous brunette,

the next day a stunning redhead,

the next day, a ravishing blonde.

After watching this for months, Sol’s curiosity finally got the best of him and he went to his former partner and said:

“Abie, how do you do it? You’re 65 years old and every day I see you take another beautiful young woman to the hotel for a shack job.”

Abie replied:

“Tsolly, I just ask them all.”

Sol said:

“What do you mean you ‘just ask ’em all’ ?”

Abie replied:

“I just ask every young woman I meet if they want to go to bed with me.”

Sol answered:

“But Tsolly, … don’t you get your face slapped a lot ?”

To which Sol answered:

“Sure I get my face slapped a lot,

but I get a lot of dates.”

Robert Jorrie