Title: Diaper Fever

When I completed my Masters Degree in Tax Law, my parents each began to ask me tax questions about their separate tax positions.

My knowledge was fresh and current … and I proudly formulated my answers with great precision and clarity …

Not only answering the questions they asked

But, demonstrating exactly what those answers Meant,

and Precisely how their tax was affected.

But, they never believed anything I told them …

and continued to mail me sales brochures, simplistically inaccurate magazine articles, “tip of the iceberg” newsletters and brokerage house sales letters on
these topics


What I’d just taken a Masters Degree in!

This went on until External situations seemed to prove my expertise to them

until I began to earn money, publish articles in Bar Journals, teach Seminars for money, etc.

It seemed to have to do with their remembering I had once been their little boy …

and that they never could believe that he,

who used to mess in his diapers,

had learned more on some subjects than they.

Robert Jorrie,