Title: Cats Running across the Street

My father once pointed out that you always see more cats dead from being run over in the street than dogs.

He explained that if a dog is in the street and the driver of a car honks his horn,

that the dog will often look up, see the car and take evasive action if he has time.

He pointed out that a cat is different.

It seems to sit on one side of the street, pick out where he wants to go on the other side, and then begins to cross it.

If the driver of a car honks his horn,
the cat will not look up,

but rather will keep looking at his destination on the other side
and keep on crossing

and while he may speed up from the warning of the horn’s noise,

he doesn’t know to take evasive action and often gets hit.
What this Means to me :

Sometimes focusing on a goal, to the exclusion of other data, can be dangerous.

Robert Jorrie,
Nov 5, 1990