Title: All I Got Was Words

When I was young and fancy free,
My folks had no fine clothes for me.
All I got was words:

Gott Zu Danken – Thank God
Gott wet Geben – God will provide
Zoll men nor leben un sein Gezunt.
We should only live and be healthy.

When I was wont to travel far,
They didn’t provide me with a car.
All I got was words:

Geh Gezunt – Go in health
Geh Pamelach – Go carefully
Hab a glikliche reize – Have a safe trip.

I wanted to increase my knowledge,
But they couldn’t send me to college.
All I got was words:

Hab Seichel – Have common sense
Zei nicht ken nahr – Don’t be a fool
Toire is die beste achoire.
Learning is its own best reward.

The years have flown, the world has turned,
Things I’ve forgotten, things I’ve learned,
Yet I remember

Zag dem emes – Tell the truth
Gih Tzedakah – Be charitable
Hab rachmonus – Have compassion
Zei a mentch – Be a “mensch”

All I got was words.

from Sinai Speaks.

Author Unknown