Title: Advantage of Overpaying Employees

Some of the Advantages of overpaying employees are that

1. when your employee talks to the other employees in the bldg, every other employee in the

building that they speak to, abt how they are overpaid, wants to take their job;

2. your employee genuinely appreciates their job much more, when

2.1 they observe the others wanting their job; and

2.2 the others are constantly remarking to your employee just how poorly they are paid

in their own jobs, by comparison;

3. there are lots of ready made, highly motivated replacements”just waiting” for your employee to


4. your employee isn’t looking for ways to find a better job, so intensely

5. your employee turns down every covert approach made to hire them away, secretly … and tells

the approacher “why” … then the approacher is

5.1 stymied permanently,

5.2 discouraged, and feels they can “never” succeed in hiring your employee away

from you; and

5.3 isn’t so likely to re-approach your employee in the future; and

5.4 the approacher tells others that your employee can’t be stolen away” and this

intimidates others that may envy your employee, who then they won’t approach

your Employee

Some Ways to be seen to “overpay” by the Employee and other Employees in the building

time off
public praise and bragging
short work week
constantly adding small, low cost fringe benefits

Robert Jorrie