Title: About Long Driving Vacations

So far as I can tell,

there are only 3 reasons for taking a long driving vacation:

1. It gives you the opportunity to talk with your companion about the myriad of things you normally never get to talk about in Daily Life,

2. It permits you access to places you just cannot reach except by car

… eg like places not near an airport and way out in the “boondocks,” and

3. It kills time, (which can be desirable under some circumstances, too).

Other than that, you just spend all your precious vacation time in the car driving, endlessly.

Additional thoughts:

By the time you total the gasoline, motel bills you wouldn’t have had if you’d flown and 3 meals a day,

you “save” practically nothing by driving … and perhaps even spend more money by driving!

Robert Jorrie
May 25, 1990

Robert Jorrie, May 25, 1990