Title: Bad Teachers and Important Courses


Don’t “Throw Away the Course”
just Because the Teacher is “Bad,” or “Mean” etc.

You go to school to gain material that educators thought “might be important” and valuable to you later in Life.

But Young people often “indulge their emotions” when they permit themselves to get “turned off” on a course

because a teacher is inadequate, abrasive, rude or just plain dumb.

But when the student chooses to permit that to happen … he wastes his “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to learn that knowledge merely because he “didn’t like” a teacher that he will never see again when he leaves that school.

“Turning Off” on a course like this is kind of like
“Shooting yourself in the Foot.”

Whom do you hurt other than You?


Never permit a teacher you “don’t like” to “turn you off” and deprive yourself of Important Knowledge that you need

Instead, Endure the teacher and extract ALL the Learning out of him … you can get …

you’ll likely need it later.

& you’ll soon “ESCAPE” the teacher.