About Dealing with Bad People

A Rattlesnake can‘t help having poison fangs in his mouth … He is what he is. It's just the way God made him. And it is Unrealistic... Read the rest

Double Solitaire

One of the problems with todays plethora of things to do for people in dating, is that sometimes they relate to the entertainment... Read the rest

Greedy People Are Predictable

One of the nicest things about Greedy People is that their Greed is Absolutely Predictable … they are ALWAYS Greedy. Robert... Read the rest

Grieve in Advance

When you recognize that a Loved One is approaching Death, perhaps it is better to say your mental “goodbyes” while they are... Read the rest

On Caring Relationships

A “Caring Relationship” is where the participants make themselves available to care for and help solve the other person’s... Read the rest

On Givers and Takers

My Corrolary to Sawtelle’s Contract for Friendship: Some people believe that the General Population is divided into “Givers” &... Read the rest

Scars and Life

Of course, everybody we meet has emotional “scars” … for Life is a Difficult Path … full of emotional collision with others... Read the rest

Trading Aloneness for Togetherness

To get the Benefits of Living with Someone, you have to give up some of the Benefits of Living Alone. Robert... Read the rest