Being Late Is Stealing Time

People who run late, tend to see this as a minor fault, explaining, “Yes, I am often late. It’s not a good thing.” Yet when you ask... Read the rest

Flood Tide

When, through some ebbing Tide of Circumstance, Your Life seems parched and barren, like the sand; This is your Assurance, if you... Read the rest

On Squandering Time

Dost thou Love Life? Then do not squander Time, for that’s the stuff Life is made of.  Benjamin Franklin Poor Richard’s... Read the rest

The Awakening

A time comes in your life when you finally get it ... when in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and... Read the rest

There IS Enough Time

Each of us has a fixed amount of time granted us at birth … and each of us will use up that entire allotment before we die. While we... Read the rest

Tide Taken at the Flood

There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, Leads on to Fortune. Omitted, All the voyages of our... Read the rest