A Father’s Prayer

Build me a Son, O Lord, Who will be Strong Enough to know when He is Weak, and Brave enough to Face Himself when He is Afraid; One who... Read the rest

A Successful Parent

A Succesful Parent Works Himself Out of a Job; An Unsuccessful Parent has a Child for All his Life Bill... Read the rest

Acorns Don’t Fall Too Far from the Tree

It's really no wonder if you are a lot like your parents, as Acorns don't fall far from the Tree. Author... Read the rest

All I Got Was Words

When I was young and fancy free, My folks had no fine clothes for me. All I got was words: Gott Zu Danken - Thank God Gott wet... Read the rest

Children’s Earning Plan

PURPOSE: The purposes of the plan are to permit children to earn money while learning the Techniques of Research. The projects are to... Read the rest

How We Raised You

With Love but not Adoration, With Attention to your Needs but never Slavery to them. With Help Offered when it was Needed and... Read the rest

Meanest Mother in the World

Dear Ann Landers: A long time ago you printed a column about "The Meanest Mother in The World." My children were too young to appreciate... Read the rest

Only Tell Them Once

One day in 1961, Julie was crawling across the den floor to the unscreened open fireplace. My grandmother, Gertrude Jorrie,... Read the rest

Sophomore’s Disease

“If you think what you’re doing NOW is hard … just wait ‘til you get up here and find out what ‘hard’ really... Read the rest

Taking Your Children to Jail

One Saturday evening, when my children were perhaps, between 10-13, one of my girls had a slumber party at our house, one Saturday night,... Read the rest

Teenager’s Decision-Making

The Trouble with decisions made by Teenagers often Lies in the Fact that they see Themselves in the mirrors as "Adults"; but most... Read the rest

The Big Enchilada

PURPOSE: The BIG ENCHILADA is a temporary, extreme measure and is designed to create extra parental pressure to attain what the parents... Read the rest