Grow Old with Me

Grow Old along with Me, The Best is yet to Be; The Last of Life For which the First was Made. Robert... Read the rest

Man’s Natural State

Eros and Mars do justly celebrate, Marriage, like War, is Man's Natural State. the Obscure South Texas Philosopher, Dr. Bill... Read the rest

Marriage Is Like Moby Dick

Marriage is like a Leather Bound copy of Moby Dick; It's Beautiful to look at and to touch you read it with pleasure Again and... Read the rest

No Other Woman

No "Other Woman" Ever took a man away from his Wife, The Wife Threw Him Away. Susan... Read the rest

There Are No Perfect Marriages

It is not possible to have a "perfect" marriage, because of the lack of identicality of any 2 persons, The trouble is that no matter how... Read the rest