Distance Is to Love

Distance is to Love                      as Wind is to Flame;        it Enkindles the Great        ... Read more

Is it Love or Admiration?

To Love is to Admire with the Heart; to Admire is to Love with the Mind. Theophile... Read more

Is it Love or Pair Bonding?

Man seems to have evolved as a far-ranging Hunter/Gatherer. Man is the only animal whose offspring require 13 to 15 years to reach... Read more

Love Isn’t Love Until You Give

A bell is not a bell, until you ring it. A song is not a song, until you sing it. and the love that's in you, wasn't put there... Read more

On Loving and Being Loved

No es lo mismo amar Que ser amada. It's not the same to Love somebody as to be Loved. Mexican Proverb contributed by Ed... Read more

One Can Never Love

One can never love until you bare yourself and let others inside your shell. For loving is the Closeness of Souls which... Read more

Ruined Love, Reborn

"... and Ruined Love, when it is Built Anew, Grows Fairer than at First, a … more Strong, … Far Greater." William Shakespeare Sonnet... Read more

With Enough Love

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; No disease that enough love will not heal; No door that enough love will not... Read more