About My Being Arrogant

One day in 1986, while Julie Jorrie and I were having a discussion on the problems we were having in marketing the Coliseum Rd... Read the rest

Just Make More Decisions

One day while complaining about a bad decision I had made in business, my Dad overheard me discussing it with someone and called me into... Read the rest

Not to Decide is to Decide

NOT TO DECIDE IS TO DECIDE. Susan... Read the rest

On Embracing Change

Be not the first by whom the new is tried, Nor yet the last to cast the old aside. Alexander... Read the rest

On Getting Things Done

If you want your Dreams to come True, don't Oversleep. contributed by Melanie... Read the rest

Thinking About It Is Worse Than Doing It

The Jorrie Furniture Company's very first Employees was a man named Ray Tumlinson, and he had gone to work for my Grandfather, Reuben... Read the rest