About Charity in Business

In late 1964, a man named Jim Gaines approached Sam Jorrie, then Chairman of the Board of the Jorrie Furniture Company and asked him to... Read the rest

About Out Parcels

One of the things that I have always had to "clean up" after my Dad in the Real Estate Business was to go buy the "Out Parcels" "Out... Read the rest

Advantage of Overpaying Employees

Some of the Advantages of overpaying employees are that 1. when your employee talks to the other employees in the bldg, every other... Read the rest

Art, Jewels as Investments

Many people believe that collections of semi rare antique furniture, collectible plates and figurines, oriental rugs, artwork of non... Read the rest

Bajo El Ojo Del Amo

Bajo el Ojo del Amo Engorda el Caballo.     Literal translation:  Under the Owner's eye does the horse eat and... Read the rest

Best Way to Handle AR’s

The Best way to "Handle" Accounts Receivable is just Don't Have them.   One can joke: In God we Trust, All others Pay... Read the rest

Borrowing and Paying Back

1. ABOUT BORROWING ... The "3-S's" 1.1 SALES OF THE LOAN OFFICER The Loan Officer doesn't do you a favor when he loans you... Read the rest

Do Not Expect

Do Not Expect What You Do Not Inspect       Sam... Read the rest

Doing Business with Friends

"Doing business" with friends (or relatives) always ends up making you lose your friendship, for it always ultimately results in your... Read the rest

Don’t Dig in the Desert

If you Want to Dig for Gold, Don't Dig in the Desert. Sam... Read the rest

Exchanging Work for Rent

Often, people get the bright idea that they can exchange rent for work on or about their rented premises. This generally doesn't work,... Read the rest

Exclusive RE Listing Agreement

The Salesman who asks an Owner of real estate for an exclusive listing usually originally honestly intends and promises to give major and... Read the rest

Familiarity Breeds Indifference

Familiarity may not always Breed Contempt, but it can Breed Indifference. Buckner Fanning Pastor, Trinity... Read the rest

Hazard of Working for Others

One of the Hazards of working for someone other than yourself, is that you often end up working for Idiots. Bill... Read the rest

How Carnegie Got to Be Rich

Andrew Carnegie came to America as a Scot born immigrant child and to help out in his mother's household, sold newspapers on the street... Read the rest

How Not to Have a Disagreement

The Best Way Not to Have a Disagreement is to have a Very Good Agreement. Sam Jorrie What this Means to Me: Every Relationship,... Read the rest

How Some Employees View Fringe

My law firm once had an employee named Isabel who was repeatedly sick with many illnesses and also with "female"... Read the rest

How to Get Vendors to Ship

Sometimes, the fastest way to get something shipped by a lethargic Vendor is to Cancel the Order. Robert... Read the rest

How to Make a Loan Application

1. The Amount of Money Borrower requests to Borrow. 2. What the loan proceeds will be used for. 3. How the money will be... Read the rest

Is Her Money Dirty?

In1963, when I was 23 years old and the Credit and Collections Manager for my family's business the Jorrie Furniture Company and our best... Read the rest

Man and His Tools

Man ... without Tools, he is Nothing. With Tools, he is All. Thomas... Read the rest

Mom-n-Pop Tenants

1. THE "TARGET" TENANTS WE SEEK The kind of tenant we seek is an operator that contributes to the Center's Intrinsic Value … its Loan... Read the rest

Never Marry Your Investment

Never Marry your Investment Don't be a Pig, when the Time comes to Sell, DO IT! Sam... Read the rest

On Giving Precise Instructions

If you are going to be a busy person, accomplishing much, you will need to learn to Give Precise Instructions so that: 1.... Read the rest

Only Methods of Investing

1. Learn to Invest Yourself: 1.1 Your investment motives are perfect ... there aren't any conflicting money or priority interests of... Read the rest

Perception of Good Credit

Some years ago, an interview of Mr. Dan Oppenheimer of the D. & A. Oppenheimer Bank appeared in the San Antonio newspaper in... Read the rest

Price of the Tools

In 1978, a saleslady named Laurie Roberts tried to sell me the 1st screen word processor to have been installed in any law office... Read the rest

Property is the Fruit of Labor

"Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good in the world; that some should be... Read the rest

Purchase Price and My Cost

One day in 1968, The Jorrie Furniture Company was experiencing a run of furniture that had little pieces of cardboard carton embedded in... Read the rest

Reinvest Your Assets Daily

Look upon your Assets as if you Re-Invested them every Morning … and ask yourself the Question: "Is this a Good... Read the rest

Sam’s Small Spaces Are Better Philosophy

1. Small Spaces rent easier. 2. Small Tenants are less trouble. 3. Small spaces earn higher "per sq ft" rent rates. 4. Because of... Read the rest

Sign Logo Theory

In Logo/Sign Theory, the very "best" sign or Logo is a graphic that communicates your message without any words the next best sign or logo... Read the rest

Things Come to Those Who Wait

Things may come to Those Who Wait,                        But only the Things Left by Those Who... Read the rest

Two Rules for Financial Growth

1. Remain Profitable at all times by controlling Costs. 2. Grow at a pace that the Organization can Digest without major... Read the rest

Understanding the Job Interview

1. The Job Interview is "a sale" in the true sense of the word, and it's EXCLUSIVE purpose is for you to show the interviewer that your... Read the rest

What is an Employee

When a person accepts a job and becomes an Employee, he actually "sells" his time to the Employer. This means, that within the... Read the rest

When the Price Spread is Ten Percent

10% never made a Good Deal "Bad," and never made a Bad Deal "Good." Therefore, when you get "close" just do the deal and don't... Read the rest

When You are Too Expensive

When you are too expensive or too busy, retain your customer for the future ... Tell him the problem "Up Front" and do not take the... Read the rest

Who Am I

I am the basis of all Wealth, the Heritage of the Wise, the Thrifty and Prudent. I am the Poor Man's Joy and Comfort, the Rich Man's... Read the rest

Why We Insist Upon Annual Increases in Rents


Why You Must Plan Your Business

A business, left Unplanned exists only in Turmoil & Disarray. Lack of organization and uncoordinated activity causes... Read the rest

Work Today While Not Hindered

Work Today, for you know not how much you may be hindered Tomorrow. Ben... Read the rest